Therapy for Teenagers

Dallas Therapy Collective

It feels like your concerns just keep growing

and you do not know where to turn.

Maybe you have been thinking about reaching out for a while now. You can sense your adolescent is struggling with something, but you do not know how to help and it is difficult to learn more about their struggle. You care deeply and want them to be okay, to feel better and enjoy their life to the fullest. You wouldn’t be looking for additional resources and support if that was not the case. You might be feeling isolated and powerless not knowing how to change what they are going through.

Adolescence can be an isolating or lonely time 

Not only for teens, but also their loved ones

It is a time of transition where messages about what they should think, feel, and who they should become are in a constant stream. It can be difficult and at times overwhelming to process all of those messages and feelings.

Not only are their connections with others or school and extracurricular activities in motion nonstop, but their bodies and brains are in rapid development. In addition to natural transitions happening in their lives, changes in their family structures, friend groups, or experiencing a traumatic event can often lead to symptoms related to anxiety or depression.

With all of these things going on, what might be most surprising, is how adolescents regularly hold their concerns inside. They might not share with others the depth of what they are experiencing, maybe they are not even fully aware of that depth themselves.

Counseling can be a 

Supportive option for you and your family

Counseling creates a space for teens to do just that, to make sense of their thoughts, emotions, and explore their developing and growing self. For counseling to be successful, involving parents or guardians is crucial. It is pivotal that connections to others be nurtured in this transitional time.

In therapy, we will focus on self-exploration, establishing or solidifying a support system, enhancing emotional expression, and identifying coping skills. Support is one call or email away. If you are considering reaching out, Dallas Therapy Collective can answer any questions you might have about next steps or how we can help.

Meet Our

Teenager Therapy Specialists

Adam Breakey Hinshaw, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Luis Perez, M.A., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor