Seeking a Registered Dietitian

Have you ever known that your client needed more help and you weren’t sure where to refer them?

Our vision is to be able to provide our clients with top-notch referrals for holistic care with professionals that we know and trust, some of whom are “in house” in our office suite in North Dallas. We are currently looking for a dietitian – part or full time – join our team as an independent contractor.

As a dietitian in our practice, you would maintain your independence as a contractor and enjoy the benefit of being able to set your own hours and see the clients you wish to see. You can refer your clients to other practitioners in our practice as clinically indicated and our hope is that our other providers will refer to you as well. We will also offer regular consultation meetings to discuss our cases and learn from one another about specifics aspects of what we do.

We are interested in hearing what your specialties are as a dietician. Although it is not essential that you specialize in eating disorders, we hope that you are familiar with treating disordered eating behaviors in a private practice setting (often with high-functioning clients including binge eating and restricting behaviors). We are primarily an adult practice and are looking for a dietitian who is interested in working with an adult population.

A good fit for our team will be a dietitian who understands that we all play a part in holistic wellness. We are looking for someone who values collaborating with mental health professionals who will address the underlying psychological contributors to their clients’ nutrition struggles. This is an exciting opportunity to help set the DNA for our new practice with your unique contributions, values, and specialties as the sole dietician in our practice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to consult with colleagues from different healing backgrounds….right down the hall from your office? We believe that as we consult, collaborate, and share space, our eyes will be opened to a broader definition of overall health and wellness. Our knowledge will be sharpened and our services that we provide to clients will become more intentional and enhanced.

Our Dreams

  • Treatment-team based consultation in order to gauge our clients’ needs for other wellness professional services
  • Consultation on specific clients if they elect to sign a release allowing some of our healers to collaborate on their care
  • An environment in which we learn from each other about our unique specialties and how we can work together to provide more comprehensive services for our clients
  • Optional retreats focused on holistic care in which our healers would each provide a part (such as a lecture, training, or interactive component)
  • Optional meetings in which we come together to talk about what we are learning and present cases (all the while maintaining client confidentiality)
  • Training pre-licensed professionals in an collaborative environment that exposes them to holistically-focused care
  • A hospitable space where your clients will feel welcomed and cared for upon entering

Our Values

  • Collaboration with like-minded pratictioners
  • Honoring our clients’ unique needs (and making referrals as appropriate for their presenting concerns)
  • Honoring our clients’ and our own cultural identities and taking these into consideration when working together
  • Ethical and intentional care pursuant to the highest standards outlined in our individual ethics codes and industry standards
  • On-going learning within our own fields and about how our fields can work together to enhance client care
  • hospitable space where our clients will want to be (and will want to refer their friends!) ​

Apply now!

If you are looking to work as a contracting dietitian for our group practice, please contact me at at or call us at 469.608.1187.