Early Career Professionals Program

Do you want to make the most of your supervision experience before full licensure?



Congratulations on finishing your Master’s degree…Whew – what a huge accomplishment!

Now that you’re looking for a supervisor/site, you might feel excited, overwhelmed, unsure, or all of the above.

Dallas Therapy Collective is launching our Early Career Professionals Program in the Fall of 2022 that will help you navigate the transition from graduate clinician to Early Career Professional. Our hope is to provide continued opportunties for integration of your knowledge and experience as you continue to learn and work with clients.

Our program will offer you the support of seasonsed clinicians as you transition from the graduate clinician identity into a fully licensed professional. Our goal is to prepare you to feel confident to launch into independent practice by the time you complete your required residency hours. 

Nitty Gritty Details


We provide your weekly 1-hour supervision with a board-approved LPC-Supervisor who is contracted with Dallas Therapy Collective. You don’t have to worry about a conflict of interest regarding money….DTC will pay your supervisor directly regardless of your productivity, thereby eliminating a potential conflict of interest and freeing you to be more open about your clinical work and maximizing your supervision experience.

Weekly Training, Supervision, and Consultation

In addition to your individual supervision, you will have three additional hours (weekly) of opportunities for integration:

1) You will attend our weekly staff consultation meeting where all of our clinicians are invited to come and disuss cases as needed/desired. We hope you’ll feel comfortable to share about your own cases.

2) You will receive group supervisiosn with licensed mental health professionals every other week. This will include formal case presentations and group consultation. On the off-weeks you will engage in bi-weekly peer group consultation with the other LPC-Associates and the practicum students, who make up your cohort.

3) You will receive weekly 1-hour didactic trainings. Examples include private-practice related topics such as managinging the financial aspect of therapy, niching yourself in private practice, conducting intakes in a private practice setting, marketing, etc. We also provide ongoing clinical trainings on topics such as addressing intersectionality, trauma-informed care, working with LGBTQAI+ clients, religious trauma, working with Highly Sensitive People, theory-focused trainings, and more. 

Optional Consultation Groups

As a part of our Early Career Professionals program, you are invited to attend our DTC-wide clinician consultation meetings and any other niche-focused consultations that we offer (currently we also have a relgious trauma consultations and we are planning to launch an EMDR-focused consultation). These meetings are rich with wisdom and experience and provide a space to connect on anything practice related – often they involve in-depth discussions of cases where we get to provide and receive feedback.

Learn How to "Do" Private Practice

There is so much that goes into private practice. We’ll help you learn the ins-and-outs of the business, marketing, finances, clinical pace, and help you identify your ideal clients and what works best for you in private practice. By the time you’re fully licensed, our goal is for you to feel ready and confident to launch your own private practice should you wish to do so.

Our Values at DTC
  • Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team
  • Trauma-informed work as we understand the ways in which adverse life experiences impacts the mind, body, and spirit
  • Honoring our clients’ and our own cultural identities and intersectionality and exploring how cultural identities impact experiences in life, including adversity, privilege, and marginalization
  • Ethical and intentional care pursuant to the highest standards outlined in our individual ethics codes and industry standards
  • On-going learning within our own fields and about how our fields can work together to enhance client care

We are offering a xx/xx revenue split…..(still figuring out details)

Our Ideal Candidates Are...
  • Open minded to seeing and experiencing a range of clients and presenting concerns as you continue to identify your ideal clients.
  • Interested in growing in intersectionality, working with cultural and generational traumas, and LGBTQ+ identities
  • Interested in traumatic stress, family of origin trauma, codependency, neglect/miss-attunement in addition to typical presenting concerns of anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns
  • Open to exploring your biases, your own areas of privilege and marginalization and your intersecting identities
  • Open to receiving and providing feedback and reflecting on your personal experiences and interpersonal style
  • Wanting to soak in every last bit of training and supervision during your Associate experience
Application Requirements

Please send your resume/CV, a cover letter, and two letters of recommendation (including at least one from a clinical supervisor). Please direct all application materials and/or questions to drkeller@dallastherapycollective.com.

Apply Now

If you are looking to work as an LPC-Associate in our Early Career Professionals program, please contact us at at drkeller@dallastherapycollective.com or call us at 469-608-1187.