Dallas Therapy Collective

New to therapy...what should I know?

Welcome to the transformative journey you’re about to embark upon! Typically sessions last between 50-55 minutes. Clients often attend sessions once per week. Of course, based on your specific needs and resources (time, financial, etc.), you may work out a different plan with your therapist. Mosts therapists spend the first session or two gathering information about why you are seeking therapy, what your goals are, information about any symptoms you might be having, and some background information about your life experineces. You will work together to create a plan based on what you need. Every therapist has a little bit different style and personality. It’s important to see someone who feels like a good fit. You should feel like your therapist “gets” you. Sometimes it’s helpful to meet with one or two people at first before settling in to the therapist who feels like the best fit. 

Do you take insurance?

Some of our providers take insurance and some do not. Please see their individual page for details or look at a snapshot of everyone’s services here. If you want to see a provider who does not take your insurance, our providers are considered out of network providers. Contact your insurance company and ask what your out of network benefits are. Your therapist will be happy to provide documentation for you to self-file with your insurance company.

Is counseling confidential? Will my information be kept private?
Yes, your confidentiality will be maintained with some exceptions designated by the law (including potential safety and legal issues that we will cover in our initial session).
How much do you charge?

Each provider has customized rates. Please see the provider’s page for more information or look here for a snapshot of everyone’s rates and insurance offerings.

Are you LGBTQAI+ affirming?

Yes! We are affirming and celebratory of all identities. Our goal is to provide a safe place where you can be yourself as you embark on the therapeutic journey. Click here for more info on our LGBTQ speciality page.