Clients often ask us what to do when they’re feeling a panic attack coming on or they’re just generally feeling anxious. Here are some ideas to start with to help ground yourself into the present and get yourself calm.

  1. Take deep breaths – sit up straight and breathe in for 3 counts and out for 4 counts. Repeat several times.
  2. Remind yourself: I’m going to be okay. Nobody has ever died from a panic attack. I will get through this.
  3. Keep taking deep breaths.
  4. Engage your senses
    • See – What do you see? Point out the colors you see in your room. Name everything you see that’s blue.
    • Hear – What do you hear? Can you hear cars going by? Neighbors talking?
    • Smell – Can you smell your shampoo? A candle in the room?
    • Taste – Chew some gum or eat a hard candy and notice the taste. Make a cup of coffee or tea and notice its distinct taste.
    • Feel – Feel a pillow, the fabric of your clothes, pet your dog
  5. Keep taking deep breaths.
  6. Engage with another human – call/text a friend. Let them know how you’re feeling. Ask them to simply be there for you.
  7. Keep taking deep breaths.
  8. If you’re feeling strong enough, move your body. Walk around the room, your home, or your neighborhood. Do some stretches or yoga poses. Remind yourself that engaging your body will engage your mind. Keep breathing.
  9. Keep taking deep breaths.

Your body and mind are connected. One can’t be anxious while the other is calm.

When your mind is anxious, calm your body down and your mind will follow!

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