For Our Early Career Professionals Program

Do you have a passion for supervision, but need some support?



We are launching our Early Career Professionals program in the Fall of 2022. We’re seeking LPC-Supervisors who are looking to supervise 1-2 LPC-Associates working in a supportive private practice environment at Dallas Therapy Collective.

We will provide the office space, help fill your Associate’s caseloads, facilitate weekly group supervision and didactic trainings, and provide all the infrastructure they need…allowing you to focus on what you do best – supervision!

The Details

Supervision Arrangement

We will contract with you as an LPC-Supervisor to provide weekly supervision to your LPC-Associate. You will be an Independent Contractor with us (not a W2 employee). This means we don’t dictate how you do your work or when you meet with your Associate. You have full freedom to practice as you see fit. We will pay you a fair monthly rate that will cover your weekly individiual supervision sessions. This eliminates the potential conflict of interest of your rate being impacted by their productivity. 

You will have an opportunity to interview with the Associate to help you and the supervisee assess mutual fit.

You, of course, are free to do whatever you typically do with supervisees regarding your own Supervision Contract, expectations of them, etc. We will not dictate how you supervise, other than to expect that you will meet the board’s requirements for supervision.

You will be added to our EHR as a Supervisor, where you can review and sign off on all of your Associate’s case notes. 

Support for Your Associates

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in just one hour per week to provide adequate supervision? There is so much that Associates are going through regarding their professional development, clinical training, learning to operate in a private practice setting, and integrating it all. 

We hope to fill in some of those gaps by providing a weekly two-hour training experience that will include a combination of group supervision in addition to didactic/experiential trainings on various topics relevant to early career professionals.

Examples include private-practice related topics such as managinging the financial aspect of therapy, niching yourself in private practice, conducting intakes in private practice setting, marketing, etc. We also provide ongoing clinical trainings on topics such as trauma-informed care, working with LGBTQAI+ clients, religious trauma, working with Highly Sensitive People, theory-focused trainings, and more (perhaps you can present on one of your specialties?). Ethics and multiculturally-informed care are infused into all we do. 

In addition to that, we will allow our Associates to attend our optional weekly clinician consultation meetings and any speciality meetings we offer (currently we have a weekly religious trauma consultation meeting and we are hoping to add others such as an EMDR-focused meeting). These optional consultations will allow your Associates to consult with seasoned clinicians with a variety of speciaties, theoretical orientations, styles, and perspectives as they grown in their professional identities.

Support for You

We will offer an optional monthly check-in for our Supervisors that will be attended by our training director, the group supervisor, and any other contracted LPC-Supervisors who are interested in attending. We imagine this space will be dedicated to communicating both ways about our Associates’ development, addressing any potential training needs for the cohort, and discussing any logistical or system issues that may arise.

There is an opportunity to have a “back-up supervisor” in case you go on vacation or a medical issues arrises and you need to step out temporarily.

Although it’s up to you where you meet with your supervisee (online or in-person), meeting at our office will be an option for you.

You will also have an extra layer of protection regarding sensitive cases (ie, you shouldn’t have to be as readily available as you would if you were the only support person for your Associate). During the weekly meeting with our Associates, our Group Facilitator will see if anyone needs special support for sensitive cases. Of course, you will need to train your Associate on your comfort level with what is urgent for you to know about versus what can wait until their weekly group supervision meetings….but you can rest assured that your Associate will have access to assistance when needed. 


We know that many Supervisors are under-charging for their time and expertise for Associates as a “labor of love” and sometimes feel burned out by this or simply can’t sustain this arrangement financially. We hope to lift this burden for you by compensating you at a monthly rate of $XXX that will cover your weekly supervision meetings.

Part of what allows us to both compensate you fairly and to compensate our Group Facilitator fairly is to allow Associates to bill under their Supervisor for insurance. There is currently one panel in Texas that now allows this and you would be asked to become credentialed with this panel under our group contract. (This is a relatively new development that we have verified with the panel and with a mental health attorney.) This will not prohibit you from seeing clients in your own private practice who happen to hold this insurance. We are hoping that with our Associates being able to bill at a reasonable rate with insurance plus being able to see private pay clients, this will serve as a “win-win-win” for Associates, Supervisors, and the Overhead that will go into the Early Career Professionals program.

Our Ideal Supervisors Are...
  • Passionate about providing excellent supervision to your Associates
  • Invested in your Associate’s holistic professional development (personal, clinical, professional, and integrative)
  • In agreement with our belief at DTC that Associates will benefit from more than the “bare minimum” supervision that the board requires
  • Aligned with our trauma-informed and multiculturally-focused values
  • Open to our monthly (optional) support meetings as we continue to develop this program and provide well-rounded support for our Associates
Supervisor Application Requirements

Please send your resume/CV with an email “cover letter” expressing your interest in this opportunity. 

Apply Now

If you are looking to work as an LPC-Associate in our Early Career Professionals program, please contact us at at drkeller@dallastherapycollective.com or call us at 469-608-1187.